How to study and score in PSLE Science

Students in Singapore study science as a subject from Primary 3 to Primary 6, followed by Secondary1 and 2. The syllabus introduce the Scientific Method to children in a tender age and lay animportant foundation for them to pursue specialized science subjects in higher education, andaspiring STEM professionals in research, academia, engineering, chemical and lifeContinue reading “How to study and score in PSLE Science”

Should I get the same tutor?

Same Tutor for English Math Science. Is that even possible or conceivable???? Welcome to the world of A students in Everyday Tuition! Read student testimonies and give us a LIKE on our Facebook page with a screenshot to get FREE notes! Nowadays parents of PSLE and Secondary Schools have a vexing concern, should we get the same tuition centreContinue reading “Should I get the same tutor?”

Math Tuition – how to score?

Need help in Math tuition? Join Everyday Tuition to find out why your problem sums are perplexing and how to overcome them. Especially by using Model Math! At Everyday Tuition, and sipping coffee with our ipads and scratching the ipads with the pencils late into the night, the pure objective of research is to gatherContinue reading “Math Tuition – how to score?”

The Value Of A 5-Cent Coin – P5 Model Essay

Dappled sun shone through the trees, creating mysterious shadows. Tiny specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of the afternoon sunlight that slanted through many windows. Roads shimmered in the heat of the midday sun. The sunlit skyscrapers pierced the hot blue sky that was dotted with fluffy clouds, that drifted lazily. IContinue reading “The Value Of A 5-Cent Coin – P5 Model Essay”

Narrative: Expectations – Sec 3 Model Essay

Standing on the edge of the rooftop, Benson had a melancholic look on his face; as if he did not care whether he lived or died. Overwhelmed with despair, he suddenly broke into a loud cry, “Stop it! Leave me alone, please!” “Why? Feeling like a loser? Wait, you are! You’re pathetic!” the little voiceContinue reading “Narrative: Expectations – Sec 3 Model Essay”

Discursive/Argumentative: What are some of the values one can learn from the Values in Action Programme (VIA)? – Sec 2 Model Essay

In Singapore, it is compulsory for students of all levels to participate in the Values in Action Programme (VIA). The programme, which requires students to fulfil at least six hours of community work a year, was implemented with the aim of introducing youths to the notion of volunteerism and encouraging them to contribute back toContinue reading “Discursive/Argumentative: What are some of the values one can learn from the Values in Action Programme (VIA)? – Sec 2 Model Essay”

Burglary – Sec 2 Model Essay

There was a methodical and habitual movement in each person’s routine. I was of no exception. My ‘movement’ would be ‘observation’. The close proximity of flats cultivated the temptation to peer into others’ rooms. These were excellent pockets of voyeurism, where if one examined them carefully, all contained a tale or two. My wife hadContinue reading “Burglary – Sec 2 Model Essay”

A Regret – P6 Model Essay

“Bang!” I woke up, startled at the sound.  Glancing around, I realised that it was my brother, playing with his toys.  “It is time to wake up anyway,” I thought to myself as I saw sunlight filtering through the windows and heard birds chirping somewhere outside.  I stood up and hobbled towards my wheelchair.  AsContinue reading “A Regret – P6 Model Essay”

An Unforgettable Incident – P6 Model Essay

Panting furiously, with my feet pounding thepavement, I raced to the bus stop – I could not afford tomiss the bus! It had been a long day in school, made worseby the fact that I had to attend three dreary hours ofmathematics supplementary lessons. Joining a queue ofadults shuffling onto the bus that had arrived,Continue reading “An Unforgettable Incident – P6 Model Essay”