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At EverydayTuition, we offer the best English tuition, which teaches students comprehension meaning, comprehension cloze, English grammar and English vocabulary. Our goal is to ensure that students strengthen their English language when learning with us to help them score better in their subject. 


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For many aspiring parents who are in search of English Tuition, EverydayTuition offers the Best PSLE English Tuition in Singapore to prepare students for their upcoming exams. How we ensure the welfare of students’ learning in the English language, is for example, how we customise our English tuition to meet the requirements of the everchanging MOE syllabus in schools. 

Hence with much evaluation, EverydayTuition came up with some simple tips to help students score an A for their exams!

  1. Read an essay a day, starting from a year before your PSLE

An alternative for students who do not have a year left would be to continue to read essays as a storybook as much as you can, to try your best to improve fast for your exam. 

2.Complete PSLE practice papers once a day. Practicing the English language every day helps make a tremendous improvement to your subject.

3. Ever heard of Phrasal Verbs and Prefixes? Welcome to the world of A students in English Tuition! Read student testimonies and give us a LIKE on our Facebook page with a screenshot to get FREE notes!

Learn effectively and improve Comprehension Meaning, English Grammar, vocab, comprehension Cloze! Check it out! The No. 1 EverydayTuition!

Remember to read, practice, and understand!

Persevere all the way to success and visit the EverydayTuition website for more details on our tuition services and make sure to stop by for some live testimonials of our lessons.