Meet Dr Lu (our Lady MOE/PhD Tutor)

Meet Dr Anngieline Lu, who is an all rounder tutor in private tuition Singapore. And She owns the well-known Everyday Tuition Programme for Primary and Secondary School. And Packaged with the BEST DEALS to provide for your needs in Private Tuition Singapore.


http://www.everydaytuition.com/contactThanks to Dr Lu, I improved by so many marks for English Science and Math. Thanks for helping me enhance in Science and creative writing! And You are truly an MOE PhD Teacher!” (Yuteng, Online Zoom Tuition Student from Geylang Methodhist School who came to our Tuition Centre) “

“I am grateful for Everyday Tuition’s pulling me up with an “A” and with your SECRET Strategy ! And I truly appreciate it!” – Gary Chan, Woodlands Secondary School.

“You improved my Math to an A and Science to a B. We are very grateful for your help and guidance” Chua Li Lian, Fuhua Secondary School.

“Mr Lee and Dr Lu, having come from MOE, you are able to teach me so many techniques and tips to score well in their EMS (English Math Science) exams. And they are truly scoring in their work. In fact, I really appreciate your helping my daughter who is in Sec 2 and my son who is in Primary 5”. Lydia Mei Sian, Parent.

Hundreds of students who have scored A under our teachers. Or some are ex MOE Teachers who has live present students willing to speak up and testify for them!


Good News! Everyday Tuition provides for the following types of Payment Modes: (1) Paynow or Bank Account Transfer and (2) Nets and (3) Credit Card, plus possible to do 12 – 24 month, non-ipp instalment service via bank! Or Interest Free payment with one time processing fee and (4) Carousell Biz Pay.

About our Tuition Centre:

Good tuition centres for secondary school are hard to find these days, and what’s more to find a highly educated MOE Teacher. She or He has custom-made Everyday Tuition programmes and packages that include Secondary English tuition, Secondary Science Tuition, Secondary Math Tuition.

Still looking for the best science tutor, math private tutor, or English tutor who focuses on English vocabulary (known as Eng vocab)? Look no further because we have the best O-level English tuition, maths tuition and science tuition near us.

Good English tuition entails studying how to understand comprehension meaning as well as doing listening comprehension, attending conversational English course, and this is all entailed in private tuition Singapore.