Dr Lu

Centre Principal and Director: Dr Lu

Our Ex MOE Teacher Dr Lu has a PhD and specializes in English. She has been an NUS lecturer for 4 years and SMU lecturer for 2 years. . Her favorite subjects to teach are English, Math and Science as she trained EMS (MOE) teachers for 7 years. An ex MOE teacher herself, she believes that the key to improving student results begins in finding the right tutor who can explain clearly and cares for the student. Hence she and her husband Mr Lee, set up Everyday Tuition.

Dr Thio

Track Record Physics, Amath and English Tutor

Our Track Record Teacher Dr Thio from NUS is excellent for online/physical groups of classes . Currently he is our excellent Olevel English teacher. He has a whopping 6 year teaching experience on Physics, Chemistry, A Math all of which he scored A! Armed with a PhD in hand to be conferred by June 2022, and track record of students jumping from C to A, he is definitely the tutor whom parents ask for again and again.

Ms Rou Jia

Track Record O level Chinese Tutor

Our track record Chinese teacher Ms. Rou Jia is a brilliant and helpful tutor who is able to mentor and guide her students in mastering the subject contents and applying the techniques onto problem solving. Her rich experience in the past allows her teaching to be more effective and students are able to understand the concept behind he subject easily.

Ms Benita

Track Record O and A Level Math and Science Tutor

Our track record teacher Ms.Benita Wong is especially apt at teaching H2 subjects, including Math and Chemistry. She has pulled up the grades of scores of students, and has an astounding Alevel cert of all As!

Ms Mal

Track Record PSLE EMS Tutor Ms. Mal

Our track record teacher Ms.Mal is capable of teaching PSLE English. Her soft and caring nature allows students to approach her easily. Through her detailed and effective teaching. Her ex-students were able to improve greatly.

Track Record English and Math Teacher Meldrick

Our Fantastic Track Record Tutor Mr Meldrick has had raving testimonies from parents about his all rounder teaching abilities, especially Math, which the student says is even better than his school teacher’s explanation.

Interested to join us as tutors? Apply to directors@everydaytuition.com now!


  • Achieve skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation, relevant to MOE’s syllabus.
  • Master and apply fundamental and higher-level grammatical rules in oral and written communication.
  • Expand and accumulate extensive student’s personal vocabulary bank to strengthenlanguage foundations for reading and writing.
  • Enhance advanced reading techniques for different forms of comprehension text, interpret contexts, identify ideas in sentences and paragraphs, and make inferences.
  • Maximise exam performance by understanding specific question requirements, using correct answering techniques to formulate concise and cohesive replies and avoid common mistakes.
  • Summarise key ideas from different texts and express coherently, and organize ideas and express writing coherently for different context and audiences.
  • Develop informal, formal writing styles and creative writing skills, obtain detailed essay writing strategies and exam time management skills.
  • Acquire and apply effective techniques to improve listening comprehension.


  • Understand and confirm with MOE’s exam requirements for Primary and Secondary match syllabus.
  • Become proficient in mathematical concepts and apply principles in different topics to solve problem sums.
  • Develop problem solving capabilities through optimized assessment practices.
  • Master higher-order thinking approaches to solve heuristics problems.


  • Understand and confirmed with MOE’s exam requirements for Primary and Secondary science syllabus.
  • Use Scientific method to understand, reinforce and become proficient in scientific concepts.
  • Consolidate scientific knowledge at Primary and Secondary levels to provide students with learning progression, and hone problem-solving and critical thinking skills through practice revision questions.
  • Develop skills to observe and interpret experimental data, diagrams, tables and flowcharts based on knowledge of scientific concepts, and predict results of experiments by formulating hypothesis.
  • Employ various effective exam strategies: pickup contextual clues in exam questions, apply correct keywords, concepts and process skills in answering techniques and time management skills to improve performance.
  • Achieve skills for multiple choice, and to identify, analyse and evaluate structured and open-ended exam questions, followed up with procedures to provide complete, precise and accurate answers.