Our Tutors

Dr Lu
MOE Certified ex NIE Teacher Trainer Dr Lu- the All As English, Math Science Tutor!
An Ex MOE Doctorate Teacher who has Effected Many Grade Jumps!

Our Ex MOE and Doctorate Teacher Dr Lu, Director of Everyday Tuition has a PhD in English Linguistics and Grammar (Areas = Argumentative/Discursive/Creative Writing). . An ex MOE teacher herself, she believes that the key to improving student results begins in finding the right tutor who can explain clearly and cares for the student. Hence she and her husband CEO Mr Lee (MBA and BEng), set up Everyday Tuition).

MOE and NIE Certified School Teacher Kyle
Track Record Math and Pure Sciences Tutor

Our Track Record Teacher and MOE School Teacher Teacher Kyle, has managed to bag a number of great improvements in every class! He has more than 4 years of experience in Teaching at Schools, and loves high interaction with his students.

He scored a very high PSLE score and got A1 for every subject except mother tongue! Excellent In Math and Science, A lot of Grade Jumps!



Dr. Eva- Science and Math Tutor
Highly Experienced PhD Tutor With Grade Improvement!

Dr Eva has had many experiences in teaching at the university. She is fun and engaging and managed to even one of our Single Digit Student up to 60 marks (testimony in Google Reviews). Her successes include students who fly high in the PSLE. Learning with a PhD in Science means you have the best of the best lecturer of Sciences and Mathematics,  taking of your needs for P3 – P6 and the O levels. Dr Eva is known for being engaging as a tutor and a specialist at the Sciences. Her students have scored exceedingly well!

Dr Serena
Dr Serena, ex RGS Teacher
Highly Competent, Clear and Concise English and Math Teacher!

A former Raffles Girl Student, Dr Serene has the astuteness to handle Math and Science questions conscientiously and explains concepts very well! Students have scored AL1 for Science under Dr Serena.

Dr Thio
Dr. Thio- Math and Science Tutor!
Aces all subjects English, Math, Science and helps students improve tremendously in their grades!


Dr Thio is specialises especially in Math and Pure Physics. Our students have got from B3 to A1 with him as well.

MOE and NIE- Certified Teacher Dianah
Excellent In Math, English and Science, A lot of Grade Jumps!

Teacher Dianah is a Full Time Tutor with more than 19 years of Teaching experience at MOE Schools (Primary and Secondary) as well as International Schools.

Teacher Li- Native Speaking Chinese Teacher
Track Record Chinese Tutor: Speaks Chinese Mainly

Our Native Chinese Teacher, Teacher Li, only uses Chinese to communicate with you. You will be delighted by his natural Chinese accent, rich in Chinese flavors as he attempts to saturate you with Special Blended Compo Writing and Comprehension Detailed Techniques with his various flairs and competencies.

Teacher Beca, Track Record Teacher for Chinese Math Science!
Teacher Beca, all all rounder in teaching English Math Chinese Science!

Our track record graduate tutor Teacher Beca  is a hot favourite among our students.  A popular teacher who has won the hearts of parents and students alike. Many students love her methodical approach to teaching Secondary Chinese and Primary Chinese. Students have also reportedly learnt heuristics from her for Math and remembered her heuristics! Do sign up for her courses 🙂


Teacher Julie
Teacher Julie- Our All Time Favourite English and Math, and Amath Teacher!
" Highly competent Mid Pri Science, Math and Chinese Teacher who's brought students to A or B"

Our competent Teacher Julie that aces all subjects English Math Science. Teacher Julie is an All Time Favourite amongst the students, who never ceases to put in extra efforts for their understanding. Adam and Essence (56 to 100 marks) super-exceled in Math and Amath because of her!

Teacher Julie is a Lover of Creative Writing. Being an A1 and A Star for English herself (just like Dr Lu), she knows the exact methods of excelling students to an A and beyond!

Teacher Tyren- Loves Teaching English!
Track Record PSLE English, Maths and Science Teacher Tyren

Our all round English Teacher, Teacher Tyren, is highly passionate about the English language. He is a certainly a great choice when it comes to being a dedicated teacher! He managed to get students in the English subject to improve from an F to a B (no easy feat!)

Teacher Bernadette- English Math Science Tutor
Track Record PSLE English, Maths and Science Teacher Mal

Our track record teacher Ms.Bern is capable of teaching PSLE English, Math and Science. Her energetic voice will not make the lesson a sleepy one. Ms. Bern enjoys teaching Math with modelling concepts!

Teacher Zhiwei
Teacher Zhiwei- Math and Pure Sciences Tutor
Track Record Math and Science Graduate Tutor

Teacher Zhiwei, super-experienced teacher who has brought HUGE grade jumps in Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry from Primary to Upper Secondary Level.
It gives a sense of accomplishment when students jump grade in their skills and crafts for their respective subjects towards their examinations and also relate what they learnt in their daily lives.

Mr Shaun
MOE Certified Teacher Shaun
Track Record PSLE English, Maths and Science Teacher Shaun

Our track record tutor Mr. Shaun (ex MOE) is capable of teaching PSLE English, Maths, and Science. He believes in holistic learning to bring out the best in every student and uses his experience as a cabin crew to engage his students through interactive learning. He achieved 5 distinctions in his O levels which include English, Maths, A Maths, and Physics.

Teacher Pam- Super Clear Teacher!
Track Record O and A Level Math and Science Tutor

Highly Competent, Clear and Concise English and Math Teacher!

Teacher Pam is a highly successful and fun teacher who bring students results right up by 30 to 40 marks! Our Track Record Teacher, Teacher Pam, has skills beyond our most experienced teachers. Teacher Pam teaches English Math Science! She has helped many students jump grade by explaining super clearly.

Dr Cheryl Expert at Math and English!

Teacher Dr Cheryl’s (Medical School) has feedback from students is that she explains super clearly for both Math and English that she used to have a distinction for. As she is an extremely organised and interesting teacher, students have no problem following and improving very quickly with her!

Teacher Cindy1
Teacher Cindy,
NUS Grad and MOE Scholarship for Chinese

Teacher Jessie- Improved Chinese in 2022 Students’ Cohort!
Highly Competent Chinese Teacher for Primary and Sec Students

Teacher Jessie, a Competent, Well Versed Chinese Teacher for Primary and Sec Students! You will enjoy her lessons!

Teacher Reuter
Teacher Reuter- Highly Competent Amath Tutor!
Highly Competent Amath Tutor

Teacher Chenglin
Teacher Chenglin- She managed to get Chloe from an F to a 60 Plus!
30 Mark Super Grade Jump!

Teacher Chenglin is an extremely consicentious and effective Mid Pri Math and Science Teacher who got students such as Chloe and Ryan to grade jump in their mid primary studies!

Teacher Rui
Teacher Ruizhuo: A Great Tutor who brings Grade Jumps!

Excellent In Math and Science, A lot of Grade Jumps!

Teacher Rui is excellent in teaching math, potentially improving students’ grades tremendously from B3 to A1. Armed with a high A1 in math, he loves to spread the interest of math to students.

Ms Mal
Teacher Mal- English and Math Tutor
Proficient and Fun English and Math Tutor!

Our track record teacher Ms.Mal is capable of teaching PSLE English. She managed to get Seth’s mark to improve from 70 to 80! What an eye opener! Testimonies are available at Youtube.com