It is not easy to ace the English language without using the right methods to studying the subject. Many students say that languages are the most tiring and monotonous subjects to study for. Therefore, this caused them to focus more on their other subjects, resulting in them doing badly in their English language.
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To ace score well in the English language, students will need to gain interest in the subject. This will allow them to give the subject as much attention as the other subjects to maintain a good grade for all subjects.
So, how do we gain interest? The first suggestion is a common interest throughout the reading community! Reading books will not only help you to gain interest over the English subject but will also help you in speed reading and understanding. This can help students greatly in their comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, summary, and essay writing.

Moreover, students can also try article writing. This means to write a summary of an article or a piece of news that you have read. This can help you in your summary writing and essay writing. Start by writing a summary once a day! This will build your habit of doing it as a routine and the more you practice writing the summaries, the more you will improve and score well in your exams. This is a good way of having fun as a writer as well as improving tremendously to write easily. After weeks and months, writing will seem like such an easy task for you! Just keep writing and your grades will improve.

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Tips for English

If you have trouble doing well in your languages, here’s how to improve your English in some time!

Do I study English?

Many students and parents have the misconception of the need to study English to do well. However, sometimes subjects do not need to be studied consciously to score well. Here are a few ways to get your English to improve faster and better every day!

English Subtitles During Movies or Videos

Having English Subtitles switched on during every video or movie can help you learn the language faster. With consistent exposure to English subtitles, your English will be improving by leaps and bounds as when watching the video, you will be learning sentence structures and vocabulary on the way as well. Hence, if you enjoy watching videos or movies, try switching English subtitles to help expose yourself to new vocabulary and ways of structuring sentences in English. Furthermore, you can also try watching documentaries with English subtitles. This can not only ensure improvements in your English but also widen the knowledge you have of the world.

Speak English, not Singlish!

Singlish is a language commonly used in the households of Singaporeans. However, this language is sometimes the cause of bad Standard English for students. Hence, encouraging the use of Standard English in your home is a great way to start getting your English Language right. Whenever communicating, try using different sentence structures such as a passive or active way of making a sentence. If you start speaking in Singlish, stop yourself and get back on track! This way, your standard English will start improving on its own with no doubt. The way you speak can influence the way you think or write and so constantly speaking in Standard English instead of Singlish can help you think and write in the language much easier and better. 

Making yourself the teacher

Try making yourself the teacher by teaching others or yourself what you have learnt. For example, learning a new sentence structure for the day is a good way of teaching yourself how to use it. You could use the new sentence structure to communicate with others so that you will be able to learn to use the structure even faster. Soon, even using the sentence structure unconsciously. Moreover, you can also increase your knowledge of vocabulary by challenging yourself to learn at least one vocabulary a day. By consistently learning vocabulary, you will be able to speak, write and think with more complex words in English. You will be having more vocabulary to describe and or explain a situation or object which will help you in your exams and orals. 

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