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The biggest change from Primary School Math to Secondary School Math is the increase of mathematical formula that students have to memorize. We no longer focus on achieving the correct answer, but the process of arriving at the conclusion.

Do you know how the formula in the image above is arrived? How do we evaluate it?

Even though there is a formula sheet given, but not all formula are provided, especially the important ones. Most students think that the easiest way is to memorize each and every formula. However, during examinations like O level where students are nervous and could possibly forget the formula due to high tension, the best way is indeed to understand how each formula is formed.

There is definitely logic and method behind every formula. In Everyday Tuition, instead of directly telling students to use the formula given, we make sure they understand how and why the formula is formed first before they use them into problem solving. Math becomes much more interesting when students do not have to spend time going through a dry and plain process of memorizing formula.

Our tutors pay more attention to the students’ learning process than the results. It is beneficial in building their confidence and guiding them throughout their entire journey in school. Just like evaluating the mathematical formula, all the other subjects require such understanding in order to be mastered. Our Centre offers tuition programs for different subjects at affordable price. Not only will students learn skills and techniques to improve on their studies, but they will also be receiving study tips from our experienced tutors. All the things shared with them will eventually help them to find their unique learning style, which will allow their learning to be more efficient and productive.