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If you are looking for a Singapore online tutor, EverydayTuition is the best choice for you!
EverydayTuition tutors Primary School students and Secondary School students for various subjects, such as Math, English, Science, and Chinese. Moreover, offering private and group lessons as well.
Dr. Anngieline Lu, who is an Ex-MOE Teacher, owns EverydayTuition. She is not only an experienced teacher but is also a reliable tutor for your child.
EverydayTuition’s English tuition for both Secondary School students and Primary School students helps to educate and explain the meaning of concepts such as grammar, vocabulary, comprehensions, essays, and the reason for learning them. By explaining these concepts, students would feel more confident in learning the language and thus build more interest in the subject over time. EverydayTuition also provides a conducive environment for studying and learning, which would allow your child to learn with no distractions. Many students who have attended EverydayTuition’s classes have improved tremendously with much hard work and help from EverydayTuition!
EverydayTuition’s group tuition ensures that all students have understood what they have learnt by giving students a chance to answer questions based on the lesson. As some students may be shy or unwilling to volunteer, the teachers in EverydayTuition pick out students who have not volunteered to answer questions. Therefore, even though many students are not confident in themselves, EverydayTuition encourages them to speak up. In the tuition, the teacher will be observing the students’ learning progress and their improvements overtime to help your child improve quicker and progress towards excellence.
If your child has any questions or extra work hoping to be marked or checked by a teacher, Dr. Lu helps students out of lesson timings as well! Helping your child improve and learn more is EverydayTuition’s goal to keep guiding your child to succeed.
Learning with EverydayTuition is an enjoyable and fun experience that will make learning less monotonous and tiresome. Students are taught in a cheerful environment and in which would increase their focus length throughout the tuition. Furthermore, absorbing more skills and knowledge.
EverydayTuition offers the best Math Tuition in Singapore! From formulas to the practicing of topics, students will get more confident and quicker in solving questions. Many students seem to be struggling with Math as they have not built up their basic foundation in Mathematics. Hence, EverydayTuition ensures that students have fully mastered the basics before allowing them to advance into more complex problems. Once students have the basics and a clear understanding of the topic, they will not have much issues with solving other questions. Students will be given practices for the week to allow them to try the questions on their own without a teacher. Mathematics is mastered through hard work and perseverance, as well as knowing the basics and concepts. So, EverydayTuition ensures that your child receives the right approach to different questions, thus, scoring well in their subjects.
As Dr. Lu is also a tutor in EverydayTuition, she has a clear idea of the exam questions tested in schools. For your child to be taught by an Ex-MOE teacher is a huge benefit as Dr. Lu will ensure that students are prepared for their exams with time to spare.

English Tuition

Dr. Lu is an English tutor at EverydayTuition who helps students improve in their English language.

As she is an ex-MOE teacher, she can ensure that her notes, practices, and teaching methods, continuously adapt to the ever-changing MOE syllabus. This ensures that students are up to date in their learning, and will not lack behind their peers in school.

Many students need guidance because they often feel aimless when studying a subject. Therefore, Dr. Lu, one of the best tutors in Singapore will undoubtedly help your child to have beliefs and goals in mind. Beliefs and goals, why are they so important for your child? This is because beliefs and goals can help students achieve what they aim for! Having believed in themselves, they would feel more confident, and instead of having negative emotions and thoughts, they would have positive thoughts which would help them to boost their morale in learning. This, in turn, would help them to have a higher chance of achieving what they have set aim for.

Students who believe in themselves tend to score better than others, because of their thoughts and actions. Hence, Dr. Lu offers the best English tuition for Primary students, Secondary students, and even PSLE students to prepare them for their final year exams. Her best online tuition has helped Jolene, a student from her tuition classes, improve from an F grade to a B grade in just a month! Make sure to check out the live testimonial that Jolene has done on the EverydayTuition website.

We also offer the best Math tuition in Singapore, where we help students who struggle in the subject, ace with flying colors.

Furthermore, Dr. Lu offers useful notes and practices on eng grammar, vocab, eng vocab, vocabulary list, and English compre, to help students understand the English language more. These notes and practices can not only help you to improve and understand better during class time but also help you to revise easily for your exams. Dr. Lu keeps her tuition classes productive and fun so that students will be able to absorb and learn the most out of it.

This is because many students often find classes monotonous and therefore are unwilling to listen to the teacher.

However, during Dr. Lu’s English classes, she comes up with interesting personal experiences or stories to interest students in a particular concept which will then help students to understand better.

During Dr. Lu’s lessons, she teaches students extra concepts and information which helps students build their interest in their English language! Moreover, this can help students improve their speech, writing, reading, and answering skills. Students can clarify their doubts with Dr. Lu during lesson time and even out of lesson time! Thus, this will benefit your child greatly as they will be able to learn, regardless of the time.

Make sure to visit our website at EverydayTuition to find out more about our tuition services as well as our affordable prices. We hope to see you join us today!