A Regret – P6 Model Essay

“Bang!” I woke up, startled at the sound. Glancing around, I realised that it was my brother, playing with his toys. “It is time to wake up anyway,” I thought to myself as I saw sunlight filtering through the windows and heard birds chirping somewhere outside. I stood up and hobbled towards my wheelchair. As I sat down, I recalled how I ended up in this state. Memories of a regret came rushing back to my mind.

Three years ago…

“Mum, can I go to the nearby park to cycle with my friends?” I pleaded. “Only after you have finished doing your homework,” my mother replied with a stern look on her face. “Fine!” I grumbled as I walked towards my huge pile of homework. I sat down, took a deep breath and started scribbling through my homework. After what seemed like an eternity, I finished my homework, ran to my mother and asked her excitedly, “Mum, can I go now? I have finished my homework!” My mother hesitated for a moment and said, “Okay, but you must promise not to do any dangerous acts.”

“I promise!” I replied as I punched the air in jubilation. I ran to get my bicycle and was soon cycling towards the park. Not long after, I reached the park and looked around, only to find my friends sitting on a bench, chatting happily. I walked towards them, beaming. Upon seeing me, they smiled and said, “Finally, we have been waiting for you.” “My mum said I could only go out when I have finished my homework. I had no choice but to listen to her.” “So obedient,” one of my friends, John, said sarcastically. We all laughed at his statement and pushed our bicycles to the track.

“Let’s cycle slowly and admire the scenery,” James, another one of my friend suggested. Everyone agreed except for me. I said “That is too boring! Let’s have a race instead. Whoever reaches the end of the park wins!” My friends stared at each other and readily agreed. “On your mark, get set, go!” Upon hearing the word, “Go”, we cycled as fast as our legs could go. John, the fastest among us, was in the lead. “I have to catch up with him! I cannot lose!” I said with determination as I cycled faster. Beads of perspiration was trickling down my face. Eventually, I caught up with John. I turned back and smirked at John.

When I looked in front, my eyes almost popped out of my socket. A rock thrice as big as my fist was on the path. I tried to swerve past it but to no avail. Then, everything happened in a flash. I hit the rock and the impact flung me several meters away, causing me to hit the ground with a loud thud. I groaned in excruciating pain as blood oozed out from various parts of my body and I thought I heard a loud “crack” from my right leg. Then, the next few moments was in a blur. I heard screams from somewhere near me and the next moment, everything turned black.

When I regained my consciousness, the smell of medicine lingered in the air and I saw my friends and family crowding around me, anxiety written all over their faces. When they realised that I had came to, they heaved a sigh of relief. Then, I realised there was a sharp pain coming from my right leg. Curious, I looked at my right leg and it dawned onto me that my right leg had some serious injury. I asked my parents what had happened to my right leg. They hesitated and answered “Billy, your leg is broken and you will be permanently handicapped.” Upon hearing that, tears trickled down my cheeks and at that moment, I realised how foolish I was to think of such a dangerous idea that landed me in this state.

“Billy! Come and have your breakfast!” My mother’s voice brought me back to the present. As I pushed my wheelchair towards the dining table, I told myself not to ever do foolish things again.

What is done cannot be undone. That fateful day, I regretted my actions and promised myself to listen to my parents and not to do such dangerous acts anymore.