Mastering Chemistry

Chemistry can be a nightmare for most students. The periodic table, the flow charts, endless notes to memorize. How do the top scorer in your cohort study this subject? You often wonder. Well, needless to say, there are definitely tricks and techniques to it.

Most of us choose to memorize the chemical formula which is not entirely wrong. But when it comes to problem solving, we cannot seem to use any of the formula memorized. At times like this, we are often told to go back to the question and analyze it. How? First, we have to highlight keywords such as the quantity of the variable and note down its characteristic. Then, we have to look at what the question is asking for and break down the steps in achieving the answer. Lastly, put the formula in each step and calculate to get the answer.

Memorizing the formula and analyzing the question are not difficult. But why some of the students still encounter challenges? They surely need some more practices. Here in Everyday Tuition, we ensure that students have enough exposure to various kinds of problems. Using the skills and techniques that we have taught them, they will be able to apply them on their studies.

Our tutor, Mr Thio, with 6 years of experience in teaching Science, is capable and excellent in teaching students who are weaker in Science. He is able to adjust his teaching to match the students’ needs.

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