Tips for humanities

Many students believe that the way to score well in your humanities examinations is to revise and memorise content in humanities. However, that might not be the case. Having the necessary skill sets to do well in the subjects is very important as well!

How to ace Geography :

Rather than memorising all the content covered in Geography, try reading the textbook as a book for entertainment. This will allow you to build up your interest in Geography and make sure that you will more or less understand the content instead of memorising word for word. Use the PEEL format (Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link) for essays to ensure that your point always comes with evidence and explanation to prove your point. Questions usually come with a certain topic of the subject, hence when attempting a question, you will be able to identify the topic the question is on. After identifying, you can start to pick out points from the topic to answer the required details needed to score well in the question and the marks will be yours in no time! In conclusion, Geography isn’t just about having notes and memorising content. Geography is about interest and the world around you. If you receive the right way of learning Geography, your grades and interest will come to you naturally with much determination.

How to ace History :

You might know History as the most content-based subject that would take long days and weeks to remember the topic taught by your teacher. However, History isn’t just content for you to cram in your brain in hopes for you to remember them during tests. History is so much more than that. This subject is a story, where you can time-travel into the past to find out stories that could never be told today. It is a subject that interests you in learning the history of people, countries, and inventions. In History, the way to score well on your test is to read your textbook like a storybook. After reading, you will realise that your content from the textbook forms into a story instead of memorising chunks of information. Try not to use your notes given first, your textbook gives you more details about the content which in turn helps to make you interested and thus, helping you to remember the content easily. Subsequently, after understanding the storyline, using both the textbook and notes given by your teacher would be helpful. Having the textbook would allow you to get more details and examples to prove your point in answers while your notes give you shortened content which will help you in identifying the keywords needed to answer questions. Having notes will also assist you in writing your notes to know which keywords are needed to remember. 

Scoring well in your Humanities just needs interest and determination. Work hard and you’ll eventually make your way to successfully passing your Humanities with flying colours!