How to study efficiently

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Many students may find studying very tiring and monotonous. However, this blog will be uncovering the truth on how to study efficiently. The term ‘Studying’ is very commonly understood as learning or revising more for a subject, although this might be true, the term ‘studying’ might not be as easy as it sounds. The act of studying is an effort made by one to learn by the methods of reading, practicing, understanding, or memorising. Thus, if concepts are not understood, this may cause students to have a huge problem in their learning activities. For students to learn efficiently, students need to understand the definition of efficiency. The act of being efficient is to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted efforts or expense. Firstly, this means having no distractions as this would make you unfocused on your task and causing you to not finish the work on time.

Another tip is to have 30-minute break intervals in between your study sessions. For example, upon finishing each task, try taking a 30-minute break. This can help students to energise themselves during this break to get adequate rest for their next study session. Having these breaks can also ensure better focus for students which in turn would allow them to remember concepts more easily during their study sessions. Lastly, these breaks will help you alleviate stress to ensure your mental and physical well-being.

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