Chemistry tuition

If your child has just received their Mid-Year-Exams, what should you do about it? Students and parents have many misconceptions bout O & A-Level Chemistry. However, we will be revealing some useful tips to help prepare for the Final-Year-Examinations.

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You Should Study Smart :

Did you remember studying hard for your exam and still achieving average results? Memorising chunks of content is not the way to learn to do well in your examinations. When memorizing, this way of learning is more of a passive way of learning than active learning. Do you still remember underlining and highlighting line after line of content? Or maybe how you tried to memorise the chapters for your exam to recite the notes again and again? And no matter how much hard work you have put in, you are still unable to grasp the concept of Chemistry?

It is extremely ineffective to learn this way without making sense of the content yourself. When jotting down content from the text or teachers, try to understand the content and if you still have any doubts, seek consultation from a teacher to quickly grasp an understanding of the content. 

Correcting Your Mistakes Early :

A good way of effective learning is to try out a higher level of thinking questions to challenge your knowledge and understanding of the topic you have learnt. Despite the mistakes made when attempting the questions, always remember that your failures are the stepping stones you take toward success. Thus, never be afraid to make mistakes as learning from them can give you a huge improvement over time. Furthermore, this will also prevent you from making the same mistakes in your examinations.

Turning Your Weaknesses Into Your Strengths :

Try to spend more time on your weaker topics that you find difficulty in and have a weekly practice of the topic to ensure that you have consistent practices for your examination. Soon enough, you will be doing much better in Chemistry with the help of determination and hard work.

Failing Or Scoring Badly Isn’t The End Of The World :

Failing or scoring badly for your exams isn’t the end of the world. You are still able to improve your score drastically for your next exam! Make sure that you have planned your study plan well and carry it out daily with perseverance. Don’t give up!