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Hence, how do we enable students to achieve an A or A star? As a result, we came up with these three simple tips for students to excel in their Math subject! :

  1. Study your textbook before starting on the topic

This is to ensure that you receive a clear idea of the formulas needed, as well as, the methods and ways to solve these type of questions by referring to the worked examples.

Worked examples are extremely useful when learning a new chapter, so try to make use of it!

2.Practice makes perfect!

Practice your formulas and skills when exposing yourself to many different questions to ensure that you are familiarised with the topic.

3.Never give up and keep trying

Keep your discipline of planning at least an hour of Maths per day so that your learning outcomes would not be forgotten after a long time of neglect.

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Best maths tuition

Dr. Anngieline Lu, Teacher Mal, and Teacher Meldrick are tutors at EverydayTuition who guide students in their Maths. They offer the Best Math Tuition to Primary School students who need help in this subject. Furthermore, they will be the best Maths tutors in Singapore to entrust your child’s education. Hence, make sure to check out our website, EverydayTuition to find out more about our affordable tuition fees and prices as well as other subjects we tutor in!

In their Maths upper primary maths tuition classes, they offer an organised syllabus to ensure that students learn and practice all topics. This is to make sure students do not lack behind in their topics when focusing too much on a particular topic. This is a common problem, and thus with this syllabus, students will no longer need any last-minute studying or to rush their content.

Therefore, we have planned out how to keep students on track when participating in our lessons. In May, the concept of Whole Numbers will be taught to students. Additionally, after teaching students part-whole comparison models, we will then move on to transfer models and a review to end off. In June, students will be taught Fractions and Ratios! Content from Remainder, units working backward, branching transfer models to repeated identity, constant identity, and more. In July, students will be taught algebra, speed, and circles, where students will learn more about Algebraic equations, modelling, meeting up, catching up, accumulating differences, and the properties of the circle. Continuing, Area, perimeter, pie chart, average, volume, and nets will be covered in August as well as percentages in September. Lastly, in October, our tuition classes will be reviewing and revising all of the concepts and topics that were taught in the past months.

Not only will this be of great help to PSLE students, but it will also help them to have a smooth sail throughout their school year. Consistent good grades can help students believe in themselves to achieve more for their next test. Hence, our tuition plans aim to help students understand and learn better through consistent learning and practice. Having adequate practice per day in Maths is important for our learning as this subject requires hard work and determination.

EverydayTuition’s Maths tuition in Singapore helps students to learn Maths more efficiently and effectively. With our helpful notes and practices, revision for your exams or tests will no longer be a hassle. You will also be able to clarify your doubts out of lesson time and this would help you to further prepare yourself for your exams more confidently!

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As the saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’, EverydayTuition ensures that a plan is organised for our lessons with students, to ensure that they will be able to ace their Maths subject in no time!

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