How to ace your chinese exams

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How to ace your Chinese exams. This may seem difficult for many students as the Chinese language is a struggle for many. Thus, this blog will then focus on this subject entirely to help students learn smarter and score well in their exams.

Students should create study timers of about 45 minutes – 1 hour to help them have a goal to study Chinese for that amount of time. Having these study timers at least once a day can help you build a good habit of learning Chinese every day. This will help you learn with less stress daunting down on you as you progress towards the end of the syllabus. After that, you would be fully prepared for your examination and you can have fun doing well in your exams!

Additionally, having adequate rest is very important! Many students tend to stay up late to study or play, however, these disorganised sleep schedules will disrupt your next day, making you feel unmotivated and groggy throughout the day.
Thus, you should have a sleeping schedule set out for yourself to get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will allow you to feel more alert and prepared for the next day, which will help you learn and take in information more easily. This will also help with your study time as stated above.

Moreover, students should also try to have some group study sessions to keep each other focused. You can gather with your friends online through video calls or join your friends to have an outing to a library or a study area to learn together. Studying with your friends can also help you learn more easily as they may have the information that you are looking for! This will be a great advantage for the group study session as everybody would be able to share with and learn from one another.

During times of procrastination, set a timer of about 15-30 minutes depending on how much that you have studied. This will help you to remind yourself to get back to work and prevent any more distractions from you and your work.

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