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Tips for Chinese. Students typically struggle with Chinese as they are unable to read and understand the words. This makes them increasingly dislike the subject as confusion causes their stress levels to increase and feel agitated. Thus, learning the Chinese language is all about understanding and learning to read the characters.

Students can try to read their Chinese textbooks more to help them improve in their oral exams. Reading out loud can help students improve in speaking and understanding the language. This is because the more you read your textbook aloud, the more vocabulary you will tend to learn as you will need to search up the word that you are unsure of to help you understand the passage. Hence, this is one way of improving your Chinese language in no time.

Additionally, Chinese storybooks help students not only gain interest in the subject but can also help with their Chinese essay writing. This is because storybooks contain many ideas, idioms, phrases, and sentence structures which will undoubtedly help students score well in their essays.

Next, students can complete more practice papers or write more essays. Students can complete more test papers to help with their answering skills and experience, which will allow them to be more familiar with exam questions. This can help them spend less time thinking about how to answer the questions and will be able to use that time for checking their answers. During the attempts of the test papers, try to time yourself and complete the practice on time. This will help you with time management and get comfortable with the time limit.
Writing more essays can help you write faster and easier as, after some time of practice, you will be able to write essays more comfortably with more vocabs and phrases. Therefore, do try to write at least three times a week to keep your habit of writing going.

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