Additional Maths Tuition

EverydayTuition offers the Best Math tuition, Best additional maths tuition, Best Science tuition, and Best English tuition. Dr. Lu is the owner and a tutor of EverydayTuition where she guides students to learn from their mistakes and take note of the key points needed for the subject that they struggle with.

Furthermore, she is an ex-MOE teacher who is surely experienced in adapting to the ever-changing MOE syllabus. Thus, her tuition classes are always constantly adapting to the MOE syllabus to ensure that all students learn the right content and skills for their exams. This will help students greatly by allowing them to have a clearer understanding of their learning.

As many students often struggle with Additional maths, this tuition will be best suited for you!

Our Best online Math tutors here at EverydayTuition will undoubtedly help you greatly in your subject and will also help you to score well in your exams. We also offer physical face-to-face lessons which might be your preference instead of online lessons.

However, as some parents or guardians may feel that it would be safer to join online classes for this COVID period, our Additional Maths tutors will still be able to help your child ace their exams with flying colours. Moreover, many students will be given helpful notes and practices to help them with their revision and self learn at home. This will help them to remember and understand the content much better with notes to refresh their memory about the topic taught during the last lessons.

During lesson time, our tutors will help students clarify their doubts on the subject and if they need help with checking their answers, our Math tutors will be more than happy to help them out! Hence, if your child needs extra help or clarification, our Math tutors will be here to guide them through this journey of learning. Not only can students clarify their doubts during the lesson, but they can also clarify their doubts outside of lesson time. This makes it much easier for students to ask our Math tutors as they will be there to help students out even outside of lesson timings.

Additionally, our learning environment in both physical and online tuitions is conducive and easy to understand. Tutors often use real-life examples or videos, to help students understand the topic even better than before.

Our lessons are easy to understand and this helps students learn better from easy explanations that our additional math tutors give.

Our Best English tuition in Singapore has helped many students achieve their goals in scoring well for their exams.

You can visit our website at EverydayTuition for a life testimonial from Jolene a student from our Best English tuition, who improved in her English language tremendously from an F to a B in just one month! We offer English tuition to Primary students and Secondary students, as well as PSLE students who need help in their preparation for their final year exams.

Hence for more information or pages, check out our website at EverydayTuition.