Our Testimonies

Essence Pri P3/P4 English and Science: jump-grades by56 to 100!


Zahid’s Upper Pri Science Woozes from an F to an A within a Month for Mid Year Exam!

Pri Group excels greatly at English Math and Science: All Students Got Together! No Kidding!

Chloe’s P4 English and Science improved a Whopping 30 marks jump!

Seth,PSLE Student

Primary 6

Math from 70 to 80!
English from 70 to 85.5!

And Seth Returned to us in Sec 1
Math from 80 to 90!
English remains in 80 plus!

Sri, PSLE Student, Sengkang Primary School

“I jumped 20 marks over in Science through Everyday Tuition! ” Yes, she did it!

Faith, English Student

Faith jumped from an F in English to Top 3 in English in class.
Hear what she says! Awesome! She improved from F to Pass for Math too!

Anna, Secondary English Student

In our Adult English class, Anna has never come across such professionalism and quick learning curve compared with other tuition centres!

Bright English Student

Celine, Science Student

Special techniques to improve student grades for science tuition.

A unique innovative approach adapt by our professional tutors.


Avan, Taonan Primary School

“Within just a few months, my compo mark jumped from 20/40 to 28/40”

Kayden, St Andrew School: Yay, I got from an A to a High A!

Jolene, O-level student, Juying Sec School

“I jumped from an F to a B!”

Hu Yuteng, PSLE Student,Geylang Methodist Pri

“I highly recommend Everyday Tuition with its Science Process- and Open-Ended Questions and English Creative Writing”

“Mr. Lee,

With much teaching dedication from Mr Vitor Lee Guan De, both my English and Science grades improved : grade jump from C6 to B3 in 2014, while finally increasing to an A1 in 2015.

Mr Lee would patiently go through, mark, and express Physics and Chemistry concepts and calculations to me. Sometimes my school teacher teaches me beyond my level (e.g., Upper Secondary stuff instead of Lower Secondary), but fortunately Mr Lee is able to explain these concepts beyond my level.”

Ada Koh Han Xuan, CHIJ Student, (2015)

“Dr Lu,

Having come from MOE you are able to teach me so many techniques and tips to score well in their EMS (English Math Science) exams. Now they are truly scoring in their work. I really appreciate your helping my daughter who is in Sec 2 and my son who is in Primary 5″.

-Happy Parent.

“Mr. Lee and Ms. Adeline, thank you for pulling me up from an F to an A for Math! I never thought it was possible!”

– Karen Lim, Pei Chun Primary School.

“Dr. Lu, I will do a video testimony on your English to share with others. Thank you for teaching me such SPECIAL MOE Techniques to do English!”

– Kayden, St Andrews Primary School.