The Trick to Writing Good Narrative

In Secondary School education of Singapore, students are taught to write three types of essays – Narrative, Discursive and Argumentative. Narrative writing can sometimes be a struggle.

“I do not have idea of what to write.”
“I have ideas but I do not know how to connect the dots together.”
“How do I make the story interesting? My word bank is so limited!
These are the common worries of students when they are writing narrative essays. Picking up the pencil, most of them have to first brainstorm on a story since they do not have much personal experiences to write about. After generating ideas based on the topic given, they have to describe the whole narrative in an interesting and engaging way, so that the reader would be captivated in the story and not lose focus.

How do we do that? First of all, we have to know that there is a structure behind all types of essays. For narrative writing, the structure is:
1. Introduction
2. Trigger event
3. Climax
4. Transformation
5. Resolution

This structure is the backbone to a good story. However, not all students are able to score well even if they followed this structure closely when writing their essays. Why is this so? There are many causes behind. A good essay not only require a structure, but it also requires a good flow, correct use of grammar and a wide use of vocabulary.

Many students neglected the fact that writing compo requires practices. Other than school homework given by their English teacher, they do not really have enough exposure to writing. This is where Everyday Tuition step in and make your child’s learning more efficient.

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The New PSLE Grading System

Changes have been made to the PSLE grading system.

These changes will be implemented in the year 2021.

2020 will be the end of the grades A-U.

There will be several effects caused by the changes in the PSLE grading system such as the Secondary Streaming. 

The upcoming new PSLE grading system will grade students based on Achievement Levels.


Primary schools are equipped to teach the Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) curriculum. STELLAR is an interactive literacy programme that fosters confidence in learning English using children’s literature.


Best Science Tuition

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How to study and score in PSLE Science

Students in Singapore study science as a subject from Primary 3 to Primary 6, followed by Secondary
1 and 2. The syllabus introduce the Scientific Method to children in a tender age and lay an
important foundation for them to pursue specialized science subjects in higher education, and
aspiring STEM professionals in research, academia, engineering, chemical and life sciences.
In Primary School science, there are 33 topics requiring 14 process skills to be acquired. It may seem
daunting, but with correct guidance the child could achieve the coveted distinction (AL1 – formerly
A- Star) grade in his / her PSLE result. Everyday Tuition will help your child achieve his / her greatest
potential in the PSLE exam.

Understand the syllabus and exam format well
Firstly, the student needs to be familiar with all the PSLE syllabus, the knowledge and concepts
taught. He / she also needs to be aware of the exam format for Booklet A (Multiple Choice
Questions) and Booklet B (Open Ended Questions).

Read the exam questions and each MCQ answer carefully, note keywords and understand
requirements of each type of question

The student need to read the questions and to identify instructional keywords in exam question to
understand what the questions are asking for. Next the he/she needs to identify which the scientific
topic or topics which the question refers to so that he / she can formulate his / her answer.
Sometimes, multiple science topics can be tested in the same question, so the student needs to be
able to link the concepts from more than one topic for the answer.

Apply correct answering techniques for each type of question type
The Student needs to correctly follow the instruction given in the question. To answer well, the
student need to recall the science knowledge in the knowledge, understand what is needed to
answer, then proceed to analyse and evaluate the science concepts to fit the question requirements,
and finally express science ideas clearly in his / her answer.

Be specific – use precise scientific vocabulary in answer
The student needs to use the correct technical language such as scientific words and phrases in the
exam answer to score full marks. Ambiguous answers will result in marks being deducted.

Apply key scientific ideas and key concepts to new conditions and processes
When the child has mastered the basic scientific knowledge and concepts, he /she will need to
practice different questions so that he / she can expose himself/herself to various exam questions.
During this time, the student will proceed from topical revision to full exam preparation revision.

Finally, students need to start revision early, and study systematically and consistently.

We recommend students to start preparing for PSLE while in Primary 4 when the schools are teaching
the Lower Block topics, proceeding to the Upper Block topics. During Primary 5 and Primary 6, the
schools will continue to teach new knowledge while the other examinable topics need to be
regularly revised and reinforced. Finally, at the start of Primary 6, the schools will be completing
their syllabus topics and proceed to full revision a few months before the scheduled PSLE exam.
Everyday tuition will guide your child throughout his / her learning journey.

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The Value Of A 5-Cent Coin – P5 Model Essay

Dappled sun shone through the trees, creating mysterious shadows. Tiny specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of the afternoon sunlight that slanted through many windows. Roads shimmered in the heat of the midday sun. The sunlit skyscrapers pierced the hot blue sky that was dotted with fluffy clouds, that drifted lazily.

I was walking home from school while humming my favourite tune. As I walked towards Pending LRT, I spotted a shabby man in a patched T-shirt. He was crying bitterly at one corner of the street. I was taken aback as I had never in my life seen an adult crying in a street before. Being curious, I walked towards him…

As I looked at him at close-range, he looked like he was in his sixties. The man had sunken eyes, a bulbous nose and thin matted hair. His face was puffy, pale, oily and also riddled with pockmarks. He smiled repulsively, revealing stained and dirty teeth. Tears were flowing down his cheeks too.

‘Oh my god! What happened?’ I asked myself. The man started blankly at me. It really irked me!

‘Excuse me? Why are you sitting here crying?’ I questioned him.

‘Gu gah gu gah…’ the man replied.

‘Oh forget it! How am I going to understand what this ‘baby’ is talking about?’ I asked myself.

At several intervals, I noticed the claustrophobic man who looked rather jittery was sweating profusely. His both eyes kept glancing into the shallow drain right in front of him. He looked into it in a frenzy of panic. Not long after I spotted that, I then also saw a wooden bowl next to him. There was also a name card booked over his neck.

‘Could he be a beggar?’ I guessed.

‘That guy looked sad and despair. His eyes glistened with tears. I really pity him. Suddenly, he spoke a few babyish language.

‘Gah…Gah…’ while pointing into the drain.

‘Something important must have dropped in.’ I guessed. I helped the old man to lift the drain cover with all my strength.

‘Arh… Arh…’ I moaned.

Not long, the drain lid open. I felt weak with relief… I sat down on the ground and thanked God.

‘Yi? What did the man exactly wanted to take?’

Slowly, I saw the man lifting up a dirty 50-cent coin. Oh my! After going so much trouble, the man only wanted to get that? I could simply take one out from my pocket if I understood what he was trying to tell me.

Later, I tried to call the number on the card. After all the chatting, I realised that he was a retarded man who would usually beg every Thursday. His precious 50-cent must have fallen into the drain. Guessed he could not bear to leave the hard-beg 50 cent in the drain, he decided to stand by the drain and cry.

As I saw him huddle the 50-cent close to his chest and kissing at periodically, I could not help but allow my tears to cloud my eyes. He has taught me something no institution can teach me – to appreciate and value whatever we have …

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Narrative: Expectations – Sec 3 Model Essay

Standing on the edge of the rooftop, Benson had a melancholic look on his face; as if he did not care whether he lived or died. Overwhelmed with despair, he suddenly broke into a loud cry, “Stop it! Leave me alone, please!”

“Why? Feeling like a loser? Wait, you are! You’re pathetic!” the little voice in his head continued to spew vicious insults.

“No! I’m not a loser! I’m Benson, The Flying Fish! I’m the best!”

“The best? Then what happened today? You’ve failed everyone! You don’t deserve to live! You should die! DIE!”

A feeling of emptiness gripped Benson’s heart as floods of tears streamed down his face. He covered his ears with his hands to block off the sinister voice in his head but it only became louder, drowning his sanity.

Benson was a professional swimmer. By the age of 13, he had already won countless gold medals in various national swimming competitions. The Singapore Sports School saw his potential and recruited him with the aim to mould him into a world class swimmer. Benson knew how lucky he was to be given such a wonderful opportunity. His family, friends and coach had high hopes of him and he did not wish to let them down. Thus, he trained hard and long, spending up to 12 hours a day in the pool. His efforts finally paid off when he not only came in first but also broke the world record for the men’s 100-metre freestyle race at the Commonwealth Games.

Overnight, Benson became a sensation. He had exceeded all expectations and everyone loved him. The whole of Singapore celebrated his remarkable victory and he was aptly nicknamed “The Flying Fish” by the media. Everywhere Benson went, he was swamped by legions of ardent supporters. Everybody asked if he would break his own record. Unknown to them, their high expectations brought him tremendous stress. Soon, pressure built up and he was losing sleep and appetite. He also became depressed and kept to himself. His teammates would often see him alone in the changing room, facing the wall and talking to himself. However, not realising that these were the early signs of schizophrenia, they would leave him alone.

The long-awaited race finally arrived. It was the qualifying round for the Olympics Games and Benson had trained tirelessly for this moment. He desperately wanted to do Singapore proud and nothing must go wrong.

Benson stood on the plunge board, waiting for the referee to blow the whistle. Thousands of frightful thoughts flooded his mind and he was talking to himself again. Suddenly, he plunged into the pool. The spectators were flabbergasted. Lowering his head in mortification, Benson returned to his position. One more false start and he would be disqualified. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead as fear gripped him like a vice. He started to tremble violently, as if another person had entered his body. Once again, he dived into the pool before the whistle was heard. His family, friends and coach gasped in horror, unable to believe their eyes. A humiliated Benson emerged from the pool and immediately stormed out of the stadium. His loved ones chased after him and everyone ended up at the rooftop.

Benson was in a state of fluster. The voice in his head was making all kinds of nasty remarks about him and he could not shut it out.

“Look, you loser. Everyone is here to laugh at you! You’re the joke of the century!” the voice ridiculed him.

Benson turned around and looked at his loved ones. All of them were very concerned and anxiety was written all over their faces. Nevertheless, the troubled boy saw an entirely different picture. They were staring at him wide-eyed, trying to stifle their giggles.

“I’m sorry to fail all of you. I’m sorry for not living up to your expectations,” Benson spoke in a faint murmur, gulping back his tears.

Then, he spread his arms and threw himself off the building. A flicker of smile crossed his face as the voice in his head finally stopped.

Adapted from: