English: Grammar and Vocab

Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation of English language. Without them, our idea and thoughts cannot be expressed and people will have a hard time trying to understand them. For example, when we are writing essays, we often run out of phrases and idioms to use. Other than the lack of words, we also have no idea how to connect different sentences together with the use of conjunction. This is where things get tricky and hard. Without practices and understanding of the context, it is challenging for us to write a essay or analyze a comprehension text. So what can we do?

Reading is a good way to boost and enrich your word bank. There many things that we can learn from the writers, from the use of vocab to the sentence structure. However, just reading is definitely insufficient.

It is a must that we practice and apply whatever we learned from the books. When we have enough exposure to various kinds of grammar and vocab, we can easily take on any challenge that comes along the way.

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Mastering Chemistry

Chemistry can be a nightmare for most students. The periodic table, the flow charts, endless notes to memorize. How do the top scorer in your cohort study this subject? You often wonder. Well, needless to say, there are definitely tricks and techniques to it. As they say, learning Chemistry or Science is never easy.

Most of us choose to memorize the chemical formula which is not entirely wrong. But when it comes to problem solving, we cannot seem to use any of the formula memorized. At times like this, we are often told to go back to the question and analyze it. How? First, we have to highlight keywords such as the quantity of the variable and note down its characteristic. Then, we have to look at what the question is asking for and break down the steps in achieving the answer. Lastly, put the formula in each step and calculate to get the answer.

Memorizing the formula and analyzing the question are not difficult. But why some of the students still encounter challenges? They surely need some more practices. Here in Everyday Tuition, we ensure that students have enough exposure to various kinds of problems. Using the skills and techniques that we have taught them, they will be able to apply them on their studies.

Our tutor, Mr Thio, with 6 years of experience in teaching Science, is capable and excellent in teaching students who are weaker in Science. He is able to adjust his teaching to match the students’ needs.

Here in Everyday Tuition, we offer programs at the best deal for Secondary English Tuition, Secondary Science Tuition and Secondary Math Tuition. Our tutors are trustable, well-experienced and highly educated MOE teachers. The students who had benefited from our programs had scored well and some even jumped grades. Their achievements allowed them to pursue further studies. Your child can do it too with our help.

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Best Science Tuition

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Best Math Tuition

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Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Percentages…….In addition, most importantly if they appear in Problem Sums, how to deal with them?

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Best English Tuition

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Therefore, how to enable them to score that A or A star? As a result, we came up with this short, sharp sweet blog of 3 points:

  1. Do read ONE essay a day, starting from A YEAR, before your big PSLE day.
  2. Do your due diligence of completing Practice Papers. They help a lot!
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How to study for English Exam?

Wanting to pass a language exam is very different from speaking the language and to improve your language you need to acquire the words, grammar, and structure of the language and you need to use the language.

Do your homework

It’s a great study tip to practice as the more you practice the better you get. As there is a saying that goes: ” Practices makes perfect ” Always attempt different questions assigned to you as this will allow you to adapt to a variety of questions. However, In Everyday Tuition, our tutors will provide you students will a variety of questions to try out to better enhance their learning!

Learn the pronunciation

The oral part of a language is equally important, English is a language with many different and odds pronunciation with a slight difference of pronunciation the word can mean a totally different thing. In Everyday Tuition, we have our professional tutors to help with your pronunciation as they are highly trained.

Immerse yourself into the language

To improve a language you must first immerse yourself into it by reading widely from newspaper to magazine and movies. Speaking with the language also enables us to better immerse in it.

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How to ace an exam?

Disconnect from social media

Turn off your phone and this will prevent you from getting distracted. Allowing you to be more focused on work.

Watch Videos

Watching videos allows you to understand a concept in different ways and enhance your learning. It will also provide you different learning style tips and tricks to tackle your exam. For example, you can join Everyday Tuition and get to watch recordings of our classes.

Reward yourself

When you know you’re rewarding yourself, you allow yourself to work towards the goal to achieve the reward. A reward can be a small little treat or a short break of entertainment on social.

Have enough sleep

Always have enough sleep before taking an exam, as science has proven that students with more sleep did better in math exams than those that stayed up late. Having enough sleep is relatively important.

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How to study smart?

  • Avoid any distractions
  • Learn the same information in a variety of ways
  • Take notes by hand
  • Take regular study breaks
  • Test yourself

Avoid any distractions

always turn off your phone when you are studying , put your phone away. Turn off your social medias and internet. Only focus on the subjects that you’re studying.

Learn the same information in a variety of ways

Study the information given by your teachers in school, study the notes given. Join everyday tuition classes to learn the information in another way. Watch everyday tuition class recordings when you need a recap.

Take notes by hand

Taking notes by hand avoid online distractions further more, it is more efficient as students tend to process the information when taking notes by hand.

Take regular study breaks

Always take a short break about 5 – 10 minutes every 45 minutes of study session. This will enhance our productivity and allow us to relax our brain to be more focus the next study session.

Test yourself

When preparing for your test and quizzes you can do more practices. The more practices you do the more prepared you are.

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Finding your Learning Style

Learning style differs for each of us. Some prefer reading while some prefer watching tutorials. We all have ways of learning that is only suitable for us. But the thing is, how do we know which is better?

Starting from your study routine, do you focus on the weaker subject more or the stronger ones? Do you start off by revising a more complicated subject first? Well, there is no right or wrong answer if you find a certain routine more comfortable. But for those who have trouble focusing on your study with the current learning style, you may want to read further. Perhaps by the end of this blog, you will be able to find out your best way to learn.

Firstly, you will need to recall how it is like when you are learning in class. Do you pay more attention to words or the slides projected on the screen? If you tend to capture words better by listening, you can record lectures and play them when you are revising the subject. On the other hand, if you prefer learning by visualizing, then lecture videos or practical are just for you.

Next, adjust your study routine accordingly. If you lose focus easily towards the end, it is better to start the revising phase on your weaker subject. You have to know your limit well to avoid meaningless procrastination.

Lastly, always have breaks in the middle of studying. Breaks do not necessarily mean to have fun and play. It means to give yourself some time to relax before continuing. Having sufficient break can give you a push on the back when you are going to study over a long period of time.

However, if you prefer learning with professional guide, then our Tuition Program is surely for you! Our students in the past have managed to find the best way to learn with the help of our tutors. During their free time, they were able to revise on their own without having to worry missing out on things in class.

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Tips to scoring well in Science

Many students think that memorizing works the best when it comes to studying Science. From formulas to characteristics of the elements, memorizing seems like the easiest and smartest way to master Science. However, the real trick is not memorizing. Below are a few tips shared by our tutors on how to score well in Science.

  1. DO NOT memorize
    Why? Because the amount of content increases greatly as we go up the level. Memorizing can only work at the start, not throughout the entire learning journey. Understanding the concepts is much more important than plainly memorizing them. On the practical level, where all the experiments come in, it is more impossible to score just by applying what you have memorized. The results of the practical would not always be the same, hence making it harder to excel with what you have memorized.
  2. Read less, write more
    Science covers too many topics and concepts. Some concepts are even linked to each other. You will need the knowledge from the previous topic before moving on to the next, otherwise you may confuse yourself halfway. An advice for you is to stop reading from books and notes and start writing instead. Writing down the key points helps you to better understand how the concept works. Along the way, you would also remember the points, making it easier for you to recap on afterwards.
  3. Test yourself
    Do not wait for teachers to give you the assessments, you can start by testing yourself. Cover up the answers and ask yourself questions regarding the topic. Make this into a habit and repeat everyday after you have done revising the subject. Till the stage where you can easily spit out the correct answer, you can say that your foundation is stable and ready to go further into the topic.

Tried all these tips but still unable to conquer Science? Our tuition programs are definitely for you! Everyday Tuition Centre has received positive feedbacks from our ex-students, and they could tell you what makes us and other centres different. All of them improved greatly after attending lessons instructed by our well-experienced tutors. They jumped a few grades ahead, and those who failed previously had passed with flying colours!

Other than receiving good results, they had also figured out the best study routine that suit them the most with our tutors‘ help. Study routine is like a habit of students. If the study routine is suitable and effective for them, they will be more productive when revising their work. Our tutors are excellent in exploiting the potential in students.

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How to write a good argumentative essay?

Having a good outline of your argumentative essay

Introductory paragraph

The first paragraph should always address the issue and include the background information of the issue that you are addressing as well as the evidence that you will be using.

Your personal stand/claim

Always state your stand clearly and summary of your first paragraph in one concise sentence.

Body paragraphs

There should always be 3 or more paragraphs for your reasoning and evidence to support your stand/claim. Your reasoning and evidence must always be concise and allow readers to agree with your stand/claim. You should also include your opposing point of view and disagree with them to allow readers to trust you.


A final paragraph that concludes your whole stand, a summary of your argument made. Having a good conclusion provide readers with a sense of closure, by having a good conclusion leaves a good impact on the readers.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

– Desmond Tutu

Here in Everyday Tuition, our tutors will guide our students along on how to write a good essay and even provide students with different tips and tricks on how to conquer an essay writing to score well in exams. Furthermore, our tutors are well-experienced and highly educated MOE teachers. Fear not, your kid will do well with the help of our tutor!

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Tips to scoring well in Math

Math can sometimes be a struggle for most students. Without basic understanding, it is always hard to apply formula into problem solving. Below are a few tips shared by our tutors on how to improve on Math.

  1. Building a good foundation
    When you learn about an entirely new topic, do not dive straight into solving the questions. We have to know how to derive at the mathematical formula first before moving on to using them. Mastering the fundamental math concepts such as functions and quadratic functions is also an important step to scoring well in this subject. Otherwise, you may lose your way when learning a more advanced topic.
  2. Practice more
    Practice makes perfect. With more practices, you will slowly get used to the question types and know how to break down the complicated ones. After learning a new concept, it is best to revise them regularly to avoid spending more time to recap in the future.
  3. Maintain a healthy routine
    Rest well, eat well and play well. Play well does not mean that you have to abandon study and have fun all day all night. It means to relax your brain muscles after a long day of studying. A good rest and meal help a lot especially when your exam is coming. You can focus more and procrastinate less with your body at its best condition.

These three tips are useful for students who are struggling with Math but do not know how to overcome it. Another way to improve greatly in Math is to join our Secondary Tuition Program. We have noticed that some students are not able to cope with E-Math even though they have spent time practicing on their own. This is where our tutors step in and provide professional advice and help to them.

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Maths: Understanding Formula

The biggest change from Primary School Math to Secondary School Math is the increase of mathematical formula that students have to memorize. We no longer focus on achieving the correct answer, but the process of arriving at the conclusion.

Do you know how the formula in the image above is derived? How do we evaluate it?

Even though there is a formula sheet given, but not all formula are provided, especially the important ones. Most students think that the easiest way is to memorize each and every formula. However, during examinations like O level where students are nervous and could possibly forget the formula due to high tension, the best way is indeed to understand how each formula is formed.

There is definitely logic and method behind every formula. In Everyday Tuition, instead of directly telling students to use the formula given, we make sure they understand how and why the formula is formed first before they use them into problem solving. Math becomes much more interesting when students do not have to spend time going through a dry and plain process of memorizing formula.

Our tutors pay more attention to the students’ learning process than the results. It is beneficial in building their confidence and guiding them throughout their entire journey in school. Just like evaluating the mathematical formula, all the other subjects require such understanding in order to be mastered. Our Centre offers tuition programs for different subjects at affordable price. Not only will students learn skills and techniques to improve on their studies, but they will also be receiving study tips from our experienced tutors. All the things shared with them will eventually help them to find their unique learning style, which will allow their learning to be more efficient and productive.