Science : How To Learn Better

For many students, Science is a confusing subject to keep up with, especially in Secondary Schools. This guide will help you to improve in Science and be less afraid of the subject.

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Getting Interested In The Subject :

Having a reliable teacher to introduce you to the subject is extremely important! By getting interested in Science, you will tend to get more curious for more information. Hence, more questions form, and you will start to dig deeper into the content willingly! However, where can you find reliable science teachers? You would ask.

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Understanding The Content :

Understanding the content that you are learning is also very important! Memorising is not the way to study Science as the subject needs understanding and interest to get the concept. Thus having the interest to understand helps you score well once you have understood the topics of the subject.

You need to be able to grasp the content and its meaning so that you have an explanation for each concept. Making you less ‘stranger’ to the subject! If you have an explanation for your concepts, it can not only help you to answer questions but also interest you in facts that are out of your exam syllabus!

Curiosity Beyond The Syllabus :

Studying Science doesn’t limit you to just the Exam Syllabus given to you for the year. Going to websites and videos to answer your questions formed through curiosity is a good way to start learning beyond the Science syllabus! Start by going to a question and try asking why. Perhaps why is this diffusion occurring for example? Or why does diffusion need to occur? Soon, an endless number of questions will race through your mind and this is where your journey ‘Curiosity Beyond The Syllabus’ will start.

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What students need to know first is why they learn before they are taught how to learn. Everything has a meaning, and knowing why makes us more determined to continue learning it with a purpose.


English: Grammar and Vocab

Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation of English language. Without them, our idea and thoughts cannot be expressed and people will have a hard time trying to understand them. For example, when we are writing essays, we often run out of phrases and idioms to use. Other than the lack of words, we also have no idea how to connect different sentences together with the use of conjunction. This is where things get tricky and hard. Without practices and understanding of the context, it is challenging for us to write a essay or analyze a comprehension text. So what can we do?

Reading is a good way to boost and enrich your word bank. There many things that we can learn from the writers, from the use of vocab to the sentence structure. However, just reading is definitely insufficient.

It is a must that we practice and apply whatever we learned from the books. When we have enough exposure to various kinds of grammar and vocab, we can easily take on any challenge that comes along the way.

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Mastering Chemistry

Chemistry can be a nightmare for most students. The periodic table, the flow charts, endless notes to memorize. How do the top scorer in your cohort study this subject? You often wonder. Well, needless to say, there are definitely tricks and techniques to it. As they say, learning Chemistry or Science is never easy.

Most of us choose to memorize the chemical formula which is not entirely wrong. But when it comes to problem solving, we cannot seem to use any of the formula memorized. At times like this, we are often told to go back to the question and analyze it. How? First, we have to highlight keywords such as the quantity of the variable and note down its characteristic. Then, we have to look at what the question is asking for and break down the steps in achieving the answer. Lastly, put the formula in each step and calculate to get the answer.

Memorizing the formula and analyzing the question are not difficult. But why some of the students still encounter challenges? They surely need some more practices. Here in Everyday Tuition, we ensure that students have enough exposure to various kinds of problems. Using the skills and techniques that we have taught them, they will be able to apply them on their studies.

Our tutor, Mr Thio, with 6 years of experience in teaching Science, is capable and excellent in teaching students who are weaker in Science. He is able to adjust his teaching to match the students’ needs.

Here in Everyday Tuition, we offer programs at the best deal for Secondary English Tuition, Secondary Science Tuition and Secondary Math Tuition. Our tutors are trustable, well-experienced and highly educated MOE teachers. The students who had benefited from our programs had scored well and some even jumped grades. Their achievements allowed them to pursue further studies. Your child can do it too with our help.

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Best Science Tuition

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Best Math Tuition

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Best English Tuition

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Therefore, how to enable them to score that A or A star? As a result, we came up with this short, sharp sweet blog of 3 points:

  1. Do read ONE essay a day, starting from A YEAR, before your big PSLE day.
  2. Do your due diligence of completing Practice Papers. They help a lot!
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Tips For Chinese

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Tips for Chinese. Students typically struggle with Chinese as they are unable to read and understand the words. This makes them increasingly dislike the subject as confusion causes their stress levels to increase and feel agitated. Thus, learning the Chinese language is all about understanding and learning to read the characters.

Students can try to read their Chinese textbooks more to help them improve in their oral exams. Reading out loud can help students improve in speaking and understanding the language. This is because the more you read your textbook aloud, the more vocabulary you will tend to learn as you will need to search up the word that you are unsure of to help you understand the passage. Hence, this is one way of improving your Chinese language in no time.

Additionally, Chinese storybooks help students not only gain interest in the subject but can also help with their Chinese essay writing. This is because storybooks contain many ideas, idioms, phrases, and sentence structures which will undoubtedly help students score well in their essays.

Next, students can complete more practice papers or write more essays. Students can complete more test papers to help with their answering skills and experience, which will allow them to be more familiar with exam questions. This can help them spend less time thinking about how to answer the questions and will be able to use that time for checking their answers. During the attempts of the test papers, try to time yourself and complete the practice on time. This will help you with time management and get comfortable with the time limit.

Writing more essays can help you write faster and easier as, after some time of practice, you will be able to write essays more comfortably with more vocabs and phrases. Therefore, do try to write at least three times a week to keep your habit of writing going.

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Tips for Maths

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Tips for maths. Students often think that Maths is a tiring and unmotivating subject to learn and practice on. However, that is simply untrue! Maths is all about numbers, diagrams, and graphs that help you calculate real-world objects and items. Maths can be fun to practice and learn as you are able to play with the numbers to solve a problem. Formulas may be difficult to remember but after some time of practice over them, you will be memorising them unconsciously without force. This can give you less stress. So, make sure to give it a try and you will be able to remember formulas easily and quickly.

Another tip for maths is to ensure that you are comfortable with basic problems before advancing to the harder questions. This is to ensure that you have built up your foundation in the topic that you have studied and also to help you have an easier time attempting the harder questions. This way, you will not only be less stressed as you can gradually move from basic problems to complex problems, which can help you master the topic even better.

Lastly, students should revise the topics that they have already learnt. This is because many students tend to realise that they have forgotten some formulas or methods to tackle their previous chapters, and because of this, many students have scored badly. To prevent this from occurring, students should revise and practice their previous chapters as well to make sure that they do not forget about them. When studying current chapters, students should try to study before their school teachers go through the chapter. This can give them a good headstart to learning the new chapter and thus this can preventing them from getting confused and lost during the lesson.

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Tips for Science

Many students feel stressed as they often need to memorise huge chunks of content for their upcoming Science exams. However, in this blog, we will be talking about some tips that can help you to study and score well in your exams rather than plain memorising.

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The first tip for Science that comes to mind is to complete more test papers or practice papers.

This will not only help you to have a good idea of the type of exam questions that will be tested but also to build your confidence in answering. Answering skills and techniques are what helps you to marks for your test. Thus, if these skills are learnt well, you would have no problem acing your test in no time. When answering, you are needed to search for key points that will lead you to achieve the mark for the question. Therefore, when attempting practice papers, you will be able to expose yourself to more questions and this will help you to memorise and understand the key points, helping you to score well for upcoming exams.

Additionally, another tip for science is to read more articles or watch more documentaries about Science. It might not be about a topic in your syllabus but it would help you to increase your knowledge and build your interest in studying Science. Furthermore, when interest builds up, the less groggy you will feel when studying for the subject and this is why you will tend to understand the content more than just memorising it into your head.

Lastly, you can try preparing a presentation digitally or on paper, to act as a teacher, teaching a student on a particular topic that you have just learnt. This will help you to be more familiar with the content that you have just studied on, and thus leading you to excel in your Science subject.

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Tips for English

It is not easy to ace the English language without using the right methods to studying the subject. Many students say that languages are the most tiring and monotonous subjects to study for. Therefore, this caused them to focus more on their other subjects, resulting in them doing badly in their English language.

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To ace score well in the English language, students will need to gain interest in the subject. This will allow them to give the subject as much attention as the other subjects to maintain a good grade for all subjects.

So, how do we gain interest? The first suggestion is a common interest throughout the reading community! Reading books will not only help you to gain interest over the English subject but will also help you in speed reading and understanding. This can help students greatly in their comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, summary, and essay writing.

Moreover, students can also try article writing. This means to write a summary of an article or a piece of news that you have read. This can help you in your summary writing and essay writing. Start by writing a summary once a day! This will build your habit of doing it as a routine and the more you practice writing the summaries, the more you will improve and score well in your exams. This is a good way of having fun as a writer as well as improving tremendously to write easily. After weeks and months, writing will seem like such an easy task for you! Just keep writing and your grades will improve.

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How to ace your exams

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How to ace your exams. Typically, many students experience difficulties preparing for their exams as they feel clueless about how to study to score well. Therefore, this results in students being unprepared and confused during their tests, leading to undesirable results.

The first thing that students should do is to have a study timetable. When students have a timetable for their study timings, they will tend to procrastinate less and get their work done. This will not only help them in preparing for their exams but also in helping them to plan out their rest time. Furthermore, having breaks after a study session is extremely essential to the mental and physical well-being of students. Hence, with these breaks, students will know when to rest and when to study, and this would help them have their tasks organised while keeping themselves in the pink of health.

Students can also try planning out their subjects for the week, to ensure that they receive adequate practice for each subject and their topics. Having said that, many students should try this tip as they often focus solely on the subjects that they have done badly in, instead of trying to maintain good results for all of their subjects. This, in turn, would make their good grades deteriorate. Although they might have improved in their weaker subjects, sacrificing their grades for other subjects is not a desirable choice.

Therefore, just make sure to organise and practice equally in two steps! Time management is incredibly important to our lives, and if you plan out your time correctly, gaining knowledge and acing your exams would be a breeze. Lastly, to plan correctly, ensure that no subject has been neglected for practice during the week, and make sure that you get a good amount of time to rest and energise yourself for the next study session.

Just remember to continue the habit of following the schedule and this will help you to score well in no time!

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How to study efficiently

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Many students may find studying very tiring and monotonous. However, this blog will be uncovering the truth on how to study efficiently. The term ‘Studying’ is very commonly understood as learning or revising more for a subject, although this might be true, the term ‘studying’ might not be as easy as it sounds. The act of studying is an effort made by one to learn by the methods of reading, practicing, understanding, or memorising.

Thus, if concepts are not understood, this may cause students to have a huge problem in their learning activities. For students to learn efficiently, students need to understand the definition of efficiency. The act of being efficient is to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted efforts or expense. Firstly, this means having no distractions as this would make you unfocused on your task and causing you to not finish the work on time.

Another tip is to have 30-minute break intervals in between your study sessions. For example, upon finishing each task, try taking a 30-minute break. This can help students to energise themselves during this break to get adequate rest for their next study session. Having these breaks can also ensure better focus for students which in turn would allow them to remember concepts more easily during their study sessions. Lastly, these breaks will help you alleviate stress to ensure your mental and physical well-being.

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How to stop procrastination

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How to stop procrastination. Many students have found it hard to focus on work for a long period of time. They would often get distracted halfway during their study time and would go onto their phones for a long time. This not only would ruin their plan for the rest of the day, but would also leave them with little time left for their work. Therefore, students would need to rush their work and this would cause stress for students as they would not be able to complete their work on time.

In this blog, we will list out some tips that students can use to stop themselves from procrastinating.

Everydaytuition helps students to focus and learn productively during our lessons. This will help you to have a teacher for guidance and full concentration for optimum learning.

Create or make a list of goals for the day. Having your tasks listed for the day would help you know when you will be able to take a break. Make sure to not list down too many tasks for the day as this might unmotivate you instead. Go ahead and list down about 4 tasks for the day and give it a try!

Additionally, students can watch videos related to the topic. Watching videos related to what you are learning on youtube will make your study session less monotonous and it can even make you learn more content related to the subject. At the same time, make sure to turn on the English subtitles while watching the video as this can help improve you listen, writing and speaking in the English language.

Furthermore, you can try studying in the library or any outside study areas! Many students find it helpful to study outside as it is less distracting than being at home. This is because students find it hard to prevent themselves from lazing around at home on their beds or sofas which in the end, causes them to have incomplete work, and worst of all, disrupting their plans to complete tasks for the day.

As students need consistent learning lifestyles, having less procrastination can indeed help them score much better in the long run. Therefore, if you are looking for best tutors in Singapore, check out Everydaytuition where the best tutors guide and help your child in learning the subject the struggle with.

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How to ace your English Exams

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Many students are unable to figure out how to study for their English exams. Hence, this blog will help out students on how to study their English language.

Read more books or novels. This good habit of reading is extremely helpful as it would allow you to improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills, as well as boosting memory and intelligence. This can pull up your grades in not only your essay writings but also your oral examinations.

At the same time, reading can also help to alleviate stress for students. A way of relaxing while gaining knowledge is to read. Through reading, you will be able to learn grammar, vocabulary, and even new ways of sentence structuring.

Other alternatives to books would be English articles or magazines.

Furthermore, students can also complete more English test papers so that they receive adequate practice in their language. Many have found doing more practice papers for English, helpful in improving their exams! Hence, you should definitely try this method of learning quicker.

Most importantly, make sure to mark and complete your corrections after finishing the paper. This ensures that you learn from your mistakes and that the same mistake will not be made in your actual exam.

Lastly, students can watch videos or movies with English subtitles. Whenever you watch any video or movie, make sure to turn on the English subtitles to help with improving your English language. Turning the English subtitles on can help you know how words are spelled and pronounced. Since many students are visual learners, it would be easier and better for them to watch and learn, rather than solely listening. On the other hand, some students are auditory learners. Thus, while listening to the video, they can look at the subtitles to know which word the speaker is pronouncing. This will then help them with pronunciation for their oral exams.

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Work harder and strive for excellence!

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How to ace your Chinese Exams

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How to ace your Chinese exams.

This may seem difficult for many students as the Chinese language is a struggle for many. Thus, this blog will then focus on this subject entirely to help students learn smarter and score well in their exams.

Students should create study timers of about 45 minutes – 1 hour to help them have a goal to study Chinese for that amount of time. Having these study timers at least once a day can help you build a good habit of learning Chinese every day. This will help you learn with less stress daunting down on you as you progress towards the end of the syllabus. After that, you would be fully prepared for your examination and you can have fun doing well in your exams!

Additionally, having adequate rest is very important! Many students tend to stay up late to study or play, however, these disorganised sleep schedules will disrupt your next day, making you feel unmotivated and groggy throughout the day.

Thus, you should have a sleeping schedule set out for yourself to get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will allow you to feel more alert and prepared for the next day, which will help you learn and take in information more easily. This will also help with your study time as stated above.

Moreover, students should also try to have some group study sessions to keep each other focused. You can gather with your friends online through video calls or join your friends to have an outing to a library or a study area to learn together. Studying with your friends can also help you learn more easily as they may have the information that you are looking for! This will be a great advantage for the group study session as everybody would be able to share with and learn from one another.

During times of procrastination, set a timer of about 15-30 minutes depending on how much that you have studied. This will help you to remind yourself to get back to work and prevent any more distractions from you and your work.

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Best Additional Maths Tuition

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Thus, similarly to additional math, here are some tips to help boost your scores for the subject.

  1. Get your textbook and read it up along with some working examples

Doing this can help you understand the methods in the topic better. Furthermore, this will give you a good start to get a general idea of the topic before starting on any questions.


Practicing continuously without fail will help you get more familiar with your content so that you will be less strange to the topic when your teacher gets started. Practicing will also help you to remember the methods on how to answer questions and to refresh your memory on the topic.