How to study for English Exam?

Wanting to pass a language exam is very different from speaking the language and to improve your language you need to acquire the words, grammar, and structure of the language and you need to use the language. Do your homework It’s a great study tip to practice as the more you practice the better youContinue reading “How to study for English Exam?”

How to ace an exam?

Disconnect from social media Turn off your phone and this will prevent you from getting distracted. Allowing you to be more focused on work. Watch Videos Watching videos allows you to understand a concept in different ways and enhance your learning. It will also provide you different learning style tips and tricks to tackle yourContinue reading “How to ace an exam?”

How to study smart?

Avoid any distractions Learn the same information in a variety of ways Take notes by hand Take regular study breaks Test yourself Avoid any distractions always turn off your phone when you are studying , put your phone away. Turn off your social medias and internet. Only focus on the subjects that you’re studying. LearnContinue reading “How to study smart?”

Finding your Learning Style

Learning style differs for each of us. Some prefer reading while some prefer watching tutorials. We all have ways of learning that is only suitable for us. But the thing is, how do we know which is better? Starting from your study routine, do you focus on the weaker subject more or the stronger ones?Continue reading “Finding your Learning Style”

Tips to scoring well in Science

Many students think that memorizing works the best when it comes to studying Science. From formulas to characteristics of the elements, memorizing seems like the easiest and smartest way to master Science. However, the real trick is not memorizing. Below are a few tips shared by our tutors on how to score well in Science.Continue reading “Tips to scoring well in Science”

How to write a good argumentative essay?

Having a good outline of your argumentative essay Introductory paragraph The first paragraph should always address the issue and include the background information of the issue that you are addressing as well as the evidence that you will be using. Your personal stand/claim Always state your stand clearly and summary of your first paragraph inContinue reading “How to write a good argumentative essay?”

Tips to scoring well in Math

Math can sometimes be a struggle for most students. Without basic understanding, it is always hard to apply formula into problem solving. Below are a few tips shared by our tutors on how to improve on Math. Building a good foundationWhen you learn about an entirely new topic, do not dive straight into solving theContinue reading “Tips to scoring well in Math”

English: Grammar and Vocab

Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation of English language. Without them, our idea and thoughts cannot be expressed and people will have a hard time trying to understand them. For example, when we are writing essays, we often run out of phrases and idioms to use. Other than the lack of words, we also haveContinue reading “English: Grammar and Vocab”

Mastering Chemistry

Chemistry can be a nightmare for most students. The periodic table, the flow charts, endless notes to memorize. How do the top scorer in your cohort study this subject? You often wonder. Well, needless to say, there are definitely tricks and techniques to it. As they say, learning Chemistry or Science is never easy. MostContinue reading “Mastering Chemistry”

Maths: Understanding Formula

The biggest change from Primary School Math to Secondary School Math is the increase of mathematical formula that students have to memorize. We no longer focus on achieving the correct answer, but the process of arriving at the conclusion. Do you know how the formula in the image above is derived? How do we evaluateContinue reading “Maths: Understanding Formula”