A Regret – P6 Model Essay

“Bang!” I woke up, startled at the sound.  Glancing around, I realised that it was my brother, playing with his toys.  “It is time to wake up anyway,” I thought to myself as I saw sunlight filtering through the windows and heard birds chirping somewhere outside.  I stood up and hobbled towards my wheelchair.  AsContinue reading “A Regret – P6 Model Essay”

An Unforgettable Incident – P6 Model Essay

Panting furiously, with my feet pounding thepavement, I raced to the bus stop – I could not afford tomiss the bus! It had been a long day in school, made worseby the fact that I had to attend three dreary hours ofmathematics supplementary lessons. Joining a queue ofadults shuffling onto the bus that had arrived,Continue reading “An Unforgettable Incident – P6 Model Essay”