How to study smart?

  • Avoid any distractions
  • Learn the same information in a variety of ways
  • Take notes by hand
  • Take regular study breaks
  • Test yourself

Avoid any distractions

always turn off your phone when you are studying , put your phone away. Turn off your social medias and internet. Only focus on the subjects that you’re studying.

Learn the same information in a variety of ways

Study the information given by your teachers in school, study the notes given. Join everyday tuition classes to learn the information in another way. Watch everyday tuition class recordings when you need a recap.

Take notes by hand

Taking notes by hand avoid online distractions further more, it is more efficient as students tend to process the information when taking notes by hand.

Take regular study breaks

Always take a short break about 5 – 10 minutes every 45 minutes of study session. This will enhance our productivity and allow us to relax our brain to be more focus the next study session.

Test yourself

When preparing for your test and quizzes you can do more practices. The more practices you do the more prepared you are.

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