Tips to scoring well in Science

Many students think that memorizing works the best when it comes to studying Science. From formulas to characteristics of the elements, memorizing seems like the easiest and smartest way to master Science. However, the real trick is not memorizing. Below are a few tips shared by our tutors on how to score well in Science.

  1. DO NOT memorize
    Why? Because the amount of content increases greatly as we go up the level. Memorizing can only work at the start, not throughout the entire learning journey. Understanding the concepts is much more important than plainly memorizing them. On the practical level, where all the experiments come in, it is more impossible to score just by applying what you have memorized. The results of the practical would not always be the same, hence making it harder to excel with what you have memorized.
  2. Read less, write more
    Science covers too many topics and concepts. Some concepts are even linked to each other. You will need the knowledge from the previous topic before moving on to the next, otherwise you may confuse yourself halfway. An advice for you is to stop reading from books and notes and start writing instead. Writing down the key points helps you to better understand how the concept works. Along the way, you would also remember the points, making it easier for you to recap on afterwards.
  3. Test yourself
    Do not wait for teachers to give you the assessments, you can start by testing yourself. Cover up the answers and ask yourself questions regarding the topic. Make this into a habit and repeat everyday after you have done revising the subject. Till the stage where you can easily spit out the correct answer, you can say that your foundation is stable and ready to go further into the topic.

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