Tips to scoring well in Math

Math can sometimes be a struggle for most students. Without basic understanding, it is always hard to apply formula into problem solving. Below are a few tips shared by our tutors on how to improve on Math.

  1. Building a good foundation
    When you learn about an entirely new topic, do not dive straight into solving the questions. We have to know how to derive at the mathematical formula first before moving on to using them. Mastering the fundamental math concepts such as functions and quadratic functions is also an important step to scoring well in this subject. Otherwise, you may lose your way when learning a more advanced topic.
  2. Practice more
    Practice makes perfect. With more practices, you will slowly get used to the question types and know how to break down the complicated ones. After learning a new concept, it is best to revise them regularly to avoid spending more time to recap in the future.
  3. Maintain a healthy routine
    Rest well, eat well and play well. Play well does not mean that you have to abandon study and have fun all day all night. It means to relax your brain muscles after a long day of studying. A good rest and meal help a lot especially when your exam is coming. You can focus more and procrastinate less with your body at its best condition.

These three tips are useful for students who are struggling with Math but do not know how to overcome it. Another way to improve greatly in Math is to join our Secondary Tuition Program. We have noticed that some students are not able to cope with E-Math even though they have spent time practicing on their own. This is where our tutors step in and provide professional advice and help to them.

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