How to write a good argumentative essay?

Having a good outline of your argumentative essay

Introductory paragraph

The first paragraph should always address the issue and include the background information of the issue that you are addressing as well as the evidence that you will be using.

Your personal stand/claim

Always state your stand clearly and summary of your first paragraph in one concise sentence.

Body paragraphs

There should always be 3 or more paragraphs for your reasoning and evidence to support your stand/claim. Your reasoning and evidence must always be concise and allow readers to agree with your stand/claim. You should also include your opposing point of view and disagree with them to allow readers to trust you.


A final paragraph that concludes your whole stand, a summary of your argument made. Having a good conclusion provide readers with a sense of closure, by having a good conclusion leaves a good impact on the readers.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

– Desmond Tutu

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