English: Grammar and Vocab

Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation of English language. Without them, our idea and thoughts cannot be expressed and people will have a hard time trying to understand them. For example, when we are writing essays, we often run out of phrases and idioms to use. Other than the lack of words, we also have no idea how to connect different sentences together with the use of conjunction. This is where things get tricky and hard. Without practices and understanding of the context, it is challenging for us to write a essay or analyze a comprehension text. So what can we do?

Reading is a good way to boost and enrich your word bank. There many things that we can learn from the writers, from the use of vocab to the sentence structure. However, just reading is definitely insufficient.

It is a must that we practice and apply whatever we learned from the books. When we have enough exposure to various kinds of grammar and vocab, we can easily take on any challenge that comes along the way.

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