Discursive vs Argumentative

What is the difference between discursive and argumentative essay? Many students may wonder when they first learn about these two types of writing. Unlike Narrative Writing where stories are based on our imagination or personal experience, discursive and argumentative are based on facts and truths. As both require writer to give evidence and elaboration to support the stand, we often confuse ourselves with their structures. So how do we differentiate these two? First, we start off by understanding the difference in structure.

PEEL structure (discursive writing):
Written with Point, Example Elaboration, Link.

PEEL structure (argumentative writing):
Written with Point, Example Elaboration Link, Rebuttal.

Now, do you spot the difference in these two structures?

Discursive writing focuses on one’s perspective and thoughts in regards of the subject. It is more of a discussion rather than an argument. Thus, opinions are needed for both “for” and “against”. However, on the other hand, argumentative writing focuses on making a stand on an argument. The evidences and elaborations provided are used to reinforce this stand.

A rebuttal then comes in when the writer wants to acknowledge the importance of the oppose, but later on suggest another key idea to further support his stand. For example, the writer usually goes: “It’s true that homework doesn’t take that much time, but that point has nothing to do with whether homework promotes learning. Free time is important, but it has no bearing on learning.” Note that a common sentence structure for rebuttal is always “It’s true that…but…” Not only will this reinforce on the stand, but it will also give a persuasive tone on the entire essay.

Talking about tone, do you know the difference between the tone used in discursive writing and argumentative writing? Tone is rather important in these two types of essays because readers get affected by it. There are also words and phrases that can be used to enhance the tone and statement.

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