The Trick to Writing Good Narrative

In Secondary School education of Singapore, students are taught to write three types of essays – Narrative, Discursive and Argumentative. Narrative writing can sometimes be a struggle.

“I do not have idea of what to write.”
“I have ideas but I do not know how to connect the dots together.”
“How do I make the story interesting? My word bank is so limited!
These are the common worries of students when they are writing narrative essays. Picking up the pencil, most of them have to first brainstorm on a story since they do not have much personal experiences to write about. After generating ideas based on the topic given, they have to describe the whole narrative in an interesting and engaging way, so that the reader would be captivated in the story and not lose focus.

How do we do that? First of all, we have to know that there is a structure behind all types of essays. For narrative writing, the structure is:
1. Introduction
2. Trigger event
3. Climax
4. Transformation
5. Resolution

This structure is the backbone to a good story. However, not all students are able to score well even if they followed this structure closely when writing their essays. Why is this so? There are many causes behind. A good essay not only require a structure, but it also requires a good flow, correct use of grammar and a wide use of vocabulary.

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