How to study and score in PSLE Science

Students in Singapore study science as a subject from Primary 3 to Primary 6, followed by Secondary
1 and 2. The syllabus introduce the Scientific Method to children in a tender age and lay an
important foundation for them to pursue specialized science subjects in higher education, and
aspiring STEM professionals in research, academia, engineering, chemical and life sciences.
In Primary School science, there are 33 topics requiring 14 process skills to be acquired. It may seem
daunting, but with correct guidance the child could achieve the coveted distinction (AL1 – formerly
A- Star) grade in his / her PSLE result. Everyday Tuition will help your child achieve his / her greatest
potential in the PSLE exam.

Understand the syllabus and exam format well
Firstly, the student needs to be familiar with all the PSLE syllabus, the knowledge and concepts
taught. He / she also needs to be aware of the exam format for Booklet A (Multiple Choice
Questions) and Booklet B (Open Ended Questions).

Read the exam questions and each MCQ answer carefully, note keywords and understand
requirements of each type of question

The student need to read the questions and to identify instructional keywords in exam question to
understand what the questions are asking for. Next the he/she needs to identify which the scientific
topic or topics which the question refers to so that he / she can formulate his / her answer.
Sometimes, multiple science topics can be tested in the same question, so the student needs to be
able to link the concepts from more than one topic for the answer.

Apply correct answering techniques for each type of question type
The Student needs to correctly follow the instruction given in the question. To answer well, the
student need to recall the science knowledge in the knowledge, understand what is needed to
answer, then proceed to analyse and evaluate the science concepts to fit the question requirements,
and finally express science ideas clearly in his / her answer.

Be specific – use precise scientific vocabulary in answer
The student needs to use the correct technical language such as scientific words and phrases in the
exam answer to score full marks. Ambiguous answers will result in marks being deducted.

Apply key scientific ideas and key concepts to new conditions and processes
When the child has mastered the basic scientific knowledge and concepts, he /she will need to
practice different questions so that he / she can expose himself/herself to various exam questions.
During this time, the student will proceed from topical revision to full exam preparation revision.

Finally, students need to start revision early, and study systematically and consistently.

We recommend students to start preparing for PSLE while in Primary 4 when the schools are teaching
the Lower Block topics, proceeding to the Upper Block topics. During Primary 5 and Primary 6, the
schools will continue to teach new knowledge while the other examinable topics need to be
regularly revised and reinforced. Finally, at the start of Primary 6, the schools will be completing
their syllabus topics and proceed to full revision a few months before the scheduled PSLE exam.
Everyday tuition will guide your child throughout his / her learning journey.

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