Should I get the same tutor?

Same Tutor for English Math Science. Is that even possible or conceivable????

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Nowadays parents of PSLE and Secondary Schools have a vexing concern, should we get the same tuition centre for all subjects (cheaper of course), or try different tutors for different subjects? (Specialised mah!!)

A Happy Mix

Well, why not try a happy mix of both in tuition centres such as Everyday Tuition, where you can mix and match your subjects with package deals. For example, you get to pay $199 for group tuition of one subject with other students. Thus, this means we pay a lower price of $149 EACH for TWO subjects in a group with other students and paying only a minor sum of $133 for THREE subjects with homework guaranteed to keep your son or daughter occupied?

A More Than Competent Tutor

Not sure what kind of tutor you are getting? Additionally, check out Dr Anngieline Lu who has delighted the hearts and souls of many help-seeking individuals including parents and students. She will attend to you with tender loving care and push you to the best of your abilities to score that coveted grade. Dr Lu loves to spend her efforts particularly on B4 to F9 students, as seeing them grade-jump is such a joy. Truthfully these are the ones who GENUINELY need help!

We will certainly go for the same tutor. If s/he can produce results time and again, it means s/he is highly academic. S/he knows what it takes to ACE and get that A1 or A2 for your kid. We are not kidding you. We are Serious!!!!

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